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I have always been focused on the make money online niche and when joining Wealthy Affiliate I continued with that niche but now I have narrowed my focus to a certain group of people. People with epilepsy.

I can certainly relate to them seeing’s how I’ve dealt with epilepsy for the last 40 years. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16 and I’m still at war with the miserable wretch. I finished, and am now rewriting, a short e-book about that battle. How to Win the War with Epilepsy – One Battle at a Time but I am afraid it is now going to be a longer book.

The purpose of my blog, wealthyaffiliatewithepilepsy.com, is to educate and encourage people with epilepsy that they can and need to find other ways to support themselves mentally and financially and to provide other resources along the way.

Before I give you the complete reason of why I wrote this blog let me first say I don’t want to discount the hardships of others.

Hidden Disabilities

I would never discount someone’s external or internal disabilities no matter how small. I also have tinnitus caused by the epilepsy and the drugs that I take and that in itself could be considered a disability and in worse cases than mine it certainly is a disability.

There is the saying, always be kind because you never know the internal battles a person may be fighting. They may be missing a limb, but then there is the mental battle that goes along with it. When it comes to success, a person may seem like they have everything together but they have these negative tapes that are playing in the back of their mind and that becomes a disability when it comes to achieving the success that they desire.

Intractable Epilepsy and Success

Okay, I gave you a little history of my blog, a disclaimer of I don’t want to discount anyone’s feelings now, if you’ve read this far, I will let you know why I wrote this blog.

I have Intractable epilepsy, or recurring seizures. I don’t have the big ones, Grand Mal seizures. I stopped having those after my brain surgery in 1996. I still have what they call petit mals. I won’t go into a scientific description of what I have but it goes a little further than just a petit mal. At the time of this writing I am having an average of 40 a month.

Also, I have a device in my chest called a vagus nerve stimulator. It’s a device like a pacemaker and it goes off every 5 minutes and gives my vagus nerve a mild shock. If you want to learn more about it you can go to my YouTube channel and I’ll tell you all about it. And there is a plethora of information on the Internet about it. The most dreaded thing about all of this is the amount of medication I have to take. I’m looking for another brain surgeon so I can get rid of the meds!!

Back to the quote:

My goal is to be earning a minimum of $15,000 a month by December 2020.

So here’s the question and my challenge; to me – and has been my challenge for 10 years in other businesses – the quote Winston Churchill has put before me of “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

For me – it must be combined with my definition – “success is going from seizure to seizure, from dose to dose, and still keeping a positive mental attitude and a positive outlook on life”

Meshing the two of those and $15,000 a month residual income by 3/20 will be my ultimate success.

I wish you all YOUR ultimate success!     CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED 

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