Internet Marketing Scam Buster Busted

Background on Internet Marketing Scam Reporting Sites

I’ve been involved in the Network Marketing and the Internet Marketing industry for 15 years and have a resume’ of good and bad experiences.   One of those experiences is coming across websites that are promoted on Google that are questioning the validity of our industry or a specific business within it.  For example, the most popular is to have the name of the company the author of the blog or article wants to promote create an ad that says something like “Is XYZ Company a Scam?”  The goal being that the person doing their due diligence on XYZ company clicks on that link and checks out their XYZ business.  It’s not a real classy tactic but it does get the person to click on the ad.

The second type of Google listings that have always been around are the ones that say, “Is XYZ company a SCAM?” The intent of many of those websites is to give a bad report on XYZ company and why the person thinks it’s a scam and then promotes their “ABC company” as the better choice or has another agenda they are trying to promote or product to sell.

Then you have Google, Facebook, and other types of Ads that will say something like, “Is XYZ Company a Scam? Yes it Is”  Here again , the person who created the ad knows, “dirty little secrets” sell so the person doing their due diligence on XYZ company wants to know what is wrong with the company.   They really do want to make a good decision to join, or not to join, or are looking for a good excuse to not do anything at all.  Almost always these “Is it a scam, yes it is” sites have something for sell or are attempting to satisfy an agenda of some type. I know there are a few people with good intentions, even though they are still trying to generate income from their blog, that want to warn people about the danger of scams.  I have no problem with that.

 HOWEVER, I do take issue when they try to bash the Network and Internet Marketing Industry as a whole.

I earned my Bachelors Degree and while doing so started a collection agency that I ran from my home and then when I graduated I also joined an MLM company. As I was building my collections agency during the day, at night I was attending the MLM company business meetings and following their personal development system of  listening to a self-development recording every day, and reading a positive mental attitude book every month.  This you can do on your own HOWEVER, what most people can’t do on their own is associate with other like-minded, success oriented people who many times were/are already established millionaires, who want to succeed and make their lives better AND more importantly – want to help those that were not millionaires yet  – reach that point.  This type of camaraderie is out of most people’s reach.

Is there any truth to the question is Internet or Network Marketing is a scam claim?

In regards to Network Marketing, legally, no it is not a scam and has been verified as much by Kevin Thompson partner in the law firm Thompson Burton Pllc. He is the preeminent attorney in evaluating the legality of MLM/Network Marketing companies. All companies will continue to be monitored to make sure they operate in an above board and ethical manner.   Do Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes slip through the cracks?  Yes.  Are they shut down yes.

Is it true that most people that get into network marketing or Internet marketing make no money? Yes, that is true. It is also true that most people that aspire to play professional sports never make it, or to become famous musician, or to be a successful brain surgeon never make it.  I’m sure these arguments are all too familiar with most people so, I will not go too far into them. I will save these for another blog

The point of my post is this:  The “scam busters” do not talk about the many positive aspects of the Network and Internet Marketing industry.

If  someone has a legitimate blog and they have verified and factual information about a specific company and they prevent someone from spending thousands of dollars on an illegal pyramid or a ponzi scheme good for them.  However, if they bash an entire industry where a person has a legitimate and legal opportunity to earn extra income and tap into a system that can help them grow as a person so they can satisfy their own personal agenda then shame on them.

The Self Improvement Movement of the Internet and Network Marketing Industry

I have been part of several Internet Marketing companies that stress mindset much more than mechanics. One company calls itself “the self-improvement movement” and really doesn’t stress Internet Marketing or the product that as much. When you start, after all the initial paper work and account set-up is done, the first they recommend you do is read the book The Magic.

I believe in this business, this industry, the people involved in it, and the results one can attain no matter their background.

Yours in Prosperity!


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