How Do You Win a War with Epilepsy?

Taking Control 

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.

We may not have control of all the circumstances in our life, but we do have control of what we choose to focus on.  I challenge myself, and would like to challenge you, to focus on the things in our lives for which we are grateful. Gratitude is the way we create more positive in our life even when negative things seem to be happening.  It is the secret to happiness and the foundation of humility. 

Life is a Protocol

To someone with epilepsy the best health is seizure free health.  It doesn’t really matter what your dress size is or how big your muscles are.   The most important point is how to stop that next seizure from happening!      

The first step to better health is to take a good, HONEST look at your present physical self.  After making this observation, then decide how you want to feel and function in the future. Finally, get a plan of action to take you there.

So, what is good health?  The triad of health consists of psychological/spiritual, chemical, and biomechanical.   We are holistic beings composed of a mind, body and a soul. True health is balance and harmony in each of these areas of your being.  When in poor health, you must utilize treatments in each of these three areas.  


 What!   That’s right be a quitter. Quit smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and anything else that is diminishing your ability to be at your peak performance every day.  If you can, and you can, quit now! Right now! Now, get a notebook, it can be a pocket sized one if you want, and write down everything you eat and ingest for the week.   You can do it now by memory but you want to get everything.

If you have active epilepsy, then you need to take it one step further. Look at your surroundings at work and at home.  Do you take sinus medication or any over the counter medicines? Do you have seizures at any certain areas in your home?  If you work in an office do you have fluorescent lighting or work around a lot of computers? You get my point.

By doing this I could see what may be causing my seizures.  If you have inactive epilepsy or are just wanting to get in better shape this will work for you too. Now that you know what you’ve been eating and putting into your body you now have a place to record what you need to start eating and putting into your body.    

I didn’t have the Internet or access to a large library of information on the subject when I started studying about diet and exercise so my menu was pretty limited.   I did have several healthy eating cookbooks I could’ve followed but I couldn’t be exact on the caloric intake of each meal and I didn’t have the time to cook.

 I did the research on the proper way to construct my meal plan and exercise program and adjusted it to my particular needs.    Once you’ve developed your meal plan and have been following it for at least a month, then you can start doing light exercise. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan.  Some people reading this may be way out of shape so walking 10 minutes a day may be enough.

Best of all just your common sense 

Common Sense Seizure Prevention

(Remember your calendar – keep recording)

  • Do not mix lack of sleep and stress.  This is the number 1 thing that lowers my seizure threshold.
  •  The first is that you get the proper amount of sleep that you need.  The experts say 8-10 hours and they are right but your parameter is as much as you need to not have seizures.
  • Stress.  Hopefully this book will be the first step to help you alleviate yours.
  • Be a Quitter!  Quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided.   It lowers my seizure threshold to even be around cigarette smoke. Light alcohol consumption one time a week does not appear to increase my seizure activity but it’s better if I avoid it all together.
  • Flashing lights. Video games have been known to trigger seizures in people with existing epilepsy, but apparently only if they are already sensitive to flashing lights.
  • Over-the-Counter Medications.   I’m sensitive to nasal spray and anything with stimulants, natural or synthetic. 
  • Constipation.  I take Myralax every day to keep me regular.   By keeping a good calendar I found a correlation between my constipation and my seizure activity.

Foods.  If you have a seizure on the day you consumed something different then you normally do make sure you record it.  If you can, wait a few days and try eating/drinking it again to see if it causes another seizure

 If you have active epilepsy and are still having seizures then you’re ready for: Clinical Trials

 If you have active epilepsy the next step is start volunteering for clinical trials. I learned about most of the trials I did through my neurologist or the Epilepsy Foundation where I volunteered.  You can do that and go to:

Within that site the area that deals with the different types of epilepsies is:

Helping the one within you – You have to take care of your mind

It is critical that you fortify your mind with positive thoughts using a continual program of positive affirmations positive reading positive recordings and positive input from outside sources. You have to eliminate any negativity in your life and if there are negative inputs remove them if possible. If necessary get into counseling and  and try to remove any past negative programming that is still repeating itself inside your mind.

 I can’t stress this enough. Without you doing this  All that I have written will only have minimal results.

So how do you win the war – one battle at a time.

I hope the best for you in all that you do.


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