High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Programs – which one is for you?

High Ticket vs low ticket affiliate Programs

One of the many things you’ll learn in affiliate marketing is there are several price points that you will encounter.  When you hear the terminology big ticket and low ticket it means it one requires a bigger investment as in you’re going to need a lot of money to get into the program and it’s opposite, low ticket where you’re not going to need any, or very little, money to get started.

What is a High Ticket Affiliate Program 

I have paid up to $4000 to start an affiliate program however I know of programs that go as high as $50,000 or more when you tabulate all the up-sells.  Yes, I am part of a High Ticket program.  You can find it by clicking HERE 

If you do the math it makes sense.  Say your income goal is $1000 a month.

If you have a product that sells for $1000 you only have to sell 1
or if it sells for $100 you need to sell 10
if it sells for $  50 you need to sell 20
You get the point.

The most important thing, and this I believe because it’s the right thing to do, you must be providing value.

With High Ticket offers your marketing costs may be higher.  MAY BE HIGHER.  If you already have social following, maybe on You Tube, or another social network, you can market that way and it’s free and easy.

If your new to affiliate marketing Solo ads and sales funnels may be the easiest, sometimes the best, way to market these offers.  Utilizing marketing funnel systems such as Click Funnels and Insta-pages work the best . I use Clickfunnels  because they have a profitable affiliate program for the product and they are easy to use but there many different funnel builders on the market.

Also, if you choose to market using solo ads they can be a dark hole where your money just disappears and you have no idea what became of it.  Buying solo ads is an art of trial and error that has cost me thousand of dollars so unless you have deep, deep pockets I would recommend consulting with someone with experience before you do so.

All that to say, if you have a goal of $1000 a month you really need to sell 2 or more a month of your $1000 product BUT IT CAN BE DONE.

 What is a low ticket affiliate program  

Low ticket is where I recommend most people who are not familiar with internet or affiliate marketing start. Even if they have money to lose I still recommend that they start with low ticket items just so they can learn the basics of what it takes to generate an income online.

It’s also good to learn the basics so when they do start looking at the higher ticket items they will have an understanding of what they’re reading or being told and know if it is or is not the truth before they make that investment of several thousand dollars.

The low ticket items that I’m talking about is what you will find on affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVzoo, or the Amazon Associate’s program. Also with low ticket items your startup costs are basically zero if you have a laptop and a high-speed internet connection.  Note: If you have an affiliate network manager that is asking you for payment to join their network you need to walk away.

My recommendation

If you are already experienced in the Internet and Affiliate Marketing arena and you have the capital to lose then you may want to try some of the higher ticket affiliate programs. If you don’t have the capital to lose you may want to start with lower ticket affiliate programs and develop the correct marketing program for them and then capitalize on your knowledge to develop a strong residual income stream.

My recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate.  You may have heard of the program.  I did in 2010.   And they are still here.  That in itself  is a testimony the quality of the program.  Join me and let’s work together to get you started on your way to the Laptop Lifestyle 

To Your Success!




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