Can You Have Entrepreneurial Stamina and Epilepsy?

 My blog is dedicated to give people with epilepsy hope that there is another option to earning income other than relying on working for someone else. That means that they need to become an entrepreneur, to work for themselves. However to become an entrepreneur takes stamina and persistence. There is a saying, “most entrepreneurs would rather work 80 hours for themselves so they don’t have to work 40 for someone else.” I know for a fact many times that can be true, especially in the beginning when starting a business. With affiliate marketing the same holds true but once you get the business going the time to income ratio starts to reverse.   Basically, In the beginning it’s work work work get paid but by the end it’s work get paid get paid get paid.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Stamina Up 

Set a goal.  Write it down in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. And have it set out where you can look at it throughout the day. Make sure you do that everyday. You don’t have to have a lot of goals the less the better. But focus on that one goal and any obstacle that comes up or negativity you experience just keep repeating that one goal in your mind.    You will have targets, or benchmarks like the ones at Wealthy Affiliate     to meet that goal but the goal remains the same.      

The graphic is a reminder that success is not a straight line.  There will be bumps, curves, loops etc…   You must keep that goal in front of you.


Medication and Seizure Limitations 

When I first started my first business from home my biggest problem was not the medication but the amount of seizures I was having. It was 1991 and I was having about 300 Petit Mals and 13 to 15 Grand Mals a month. Affiliate Marketing wasn’t even around yet so Network Marketing was my full-time gig but with that many seizures my team grew very slowly. I volunteered for the first VNS studies but my voice sounded terrible and I added more medication and I my group growth slowed even more!

Fast forward to 2019 with my Grand Mals under control I still have to deal with a good load of medicine and some petit mals which dulls my brain but I now have my secret weapon which is affiliate marketing.   So I know I can recommend WA to others who have to deal with the medication and these, insert how you feel about them, seizures because you can work it on your own schedule, rest when you need to, and set direct deposit for your checks.  

Lack of Sleep and Stress are Major Seizure Catalysts

I know for me, many others that I have talked to, and from the epilepsy support forums that I belong to lack of sleep and stress are two of the major catalysts for seizures. 

When   I was doing my research for  this blog I was looking for an article about the causes of lack of sleep and stress and the lack of money was one of the major causes.  After reading the first four to five articles I was in shock at the amount of damage the lack of money had on a person’s total persona. When I say total persona I mean there spiritual, mental, physical, and social self are all deeply affected by lack of income and fear of debt.

This Is Why Wealthy Affiliate is a Good Place to Start 

I’ve been in sales all my life and I have never liked to use fear of loss or fear sales tactics however this is one of those times that I would not use it as a tactic but I would bring up the fact that the amount of damage that the fear of lack of income and the fear of debt puts on someone’s body is severe and to please look at other ways to generate income than what they are already doing.

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are an excellent combatant when it comes to earning that extra paycheck or  additional income stream.  

To Your Success!





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