Are There Benefits of Going Back to School at Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes.  There are  Benefits of Going Back to School at Wealthy Affiliate

I joined WA in 2010 and started to learn about Internet Marketing.  I garnered a good amount of knowledge and took that back into the Internet space, built upon it and created several more websites that went along with other conventional businesses that I had built.

In 2010 I was very focused on IM,  page rankings, and affiliate marketing tactics. When I typed my name in the search bar I showed up on page one of Google and so did several of my articles.   From then to now I added my middle initial, started another business, and did not adhere to a specific strategy.

In 2019, when I typed my name in, Mark McElroy or Mark O McElroy the results were not good.  Even my own website, does not come up. If there is a Google sandbox, I think I am in it.

However in 2019, I have a new focus/niche/audience, a new URL I purchased from WA, and a new website created within the WA platform.

Now, because of the power of the WA blogging platform, in just two months my simple website that I created at WA   ranks on page one of Google as do the a few of the blogs I have written are ranking high as well. There are a few other affiliates here at WA that use these three keywords so we all rank on page one but I’m sure we all market in other areas on the web as well.

Create a Following – Create a Tribe

One of the most fundamental human needs is the need to belong.  I mentioned I have a new focus and that is to help bring a message to people with Epilepsy.  The message of you can have Epilepsy and still be wealthy.   It’s important to me because I have Epilepsy and have been fighting it for 40 years.

Within the  IM space today and for the last 15 plus years building a Tribe or a Following as been a major theme in one’s marketing strategy.  In the world as a whole, creating a tribe or a following as been a part of life for as long as, well, as long as humans have existed.

At WA, as you create training and contribute to the forums you create a tribe and a following.  

What happens when someone follows you is that every blog post, every training item, or every discussion that you have going forward will be posted on their “Personal Feed” and they will be sent an email notification about it. A large following can definitely equate to power and a voice within any subject and will lead to many opportunities within WA going forward.

There are over 100,000 active members in WA.  Imagine the effort and expense it would take to develop a following that large outside the WA platform.  Then imagine being able to do it within the WA platform where you have a group that are already waiting to hear from you.

Earn Revenue

In the past my main motivation for joining or starting any business as always been to make money but I would tell myself that I was also doing it to help people but when I took a step back and asked myself a heart-felt question – are you really doing it to help people – I went from selling the high ticket affiliate offers and decided to market WA.

I don’t feel people need to spend $2,000 or $20,000 to learn how to earn money on the Internet although I do feel people need to learn a different way to earn an income and the Internet is becoming the only option for the everyday person to do it.

All that to say, even if you don’t market WA for the income stream it can create – although that doesn’t hurt, you can go back to school at WA and bring others in with you so they can better position themselves in this ever changing job market AND you can create training materials within the WA platform AND be compensated for it.  Imagine having an immediate customer base of a hundred thousand people for a small monthly member ship fee.

 Pay it forward – What do I know that could help others?

We all know the importance of Karma and that we definitely want it on our side. When you help others out you are paying your knowledge forward. Paying it forward always pays back dividends and comes back to benefit you, I am a true believer of this principle and have always taken this approach with anything that I do.

Take a second now and create a list of the things that you know that could help people out. This could also be the thing that you have recently learned or discovered that you think people could benefit from. 

Your ideas are valuable. Your knowledge is valuable. You’ve gathered a vast amount of information that a lot of people don’t know! From Twitter to Facebook, writing content to reviewing content, from building websites to editing websites, from keywords to niches, from business mindset to tactics, from marketing to conversions, from programming to Photoshop…anything and everything related to online business is acceptable within our training.

 If you’re an industry veteran in the internet marketing space or if you’re just a beginner with technical knowledge that us industry veterans need we all have something we can contribute back. With Wealthy Affiliate we have a place where we can share those ideas and become a synonymous tribe.

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