Affiliate Marketing for People with Epilepsy

For Professionals with epilepsy having a home based business  built on Internet Marketing is a perfect solution to overcome the difficulties they face in the workplace

Have you ever had the dream where you’re running to get to an appointment and you’re not going anywhere? Imagine this. You’re standing at the front of a conference room giving a sales presentation to a group of professionals about the benefits of using your company to design and build a multi-million dollar building and why they should use you over your competitors. Then, at the worst possible moment right in front of everybody; you CAN NOT TALK! You can open your mouth but NO sound comes out and THEN it just hangs open and you start to drool! NOT COOL!!  No it’s not, it’s downright embarrassing!

It seemed I was always having a petite-mal seizure in front of a group of people, or on the phone, etc, etc… The loss of productivity because of my epilepsy and the anti-convulsant medication I took was directly related to numerous employers asking me to take a vacation; a permanent vacation.

I have way too many stories of having seizures on the job. I’ve had them in blue-collar and white-collar jobs. In the office and in the field. From the corporate boardrooms to the oilfields of West Texas working as a roughneck on drilling rigs. Heck, after 40 years of having seizures I have so many stories I could write book about it all – a large one! I already wrote a small one!

It was experiences like these that led me to realize that having a home based business was my best option and from the stories I’ve heard from so many others that remains the best option for them as well and after hearing the financial situation of many of those people Internet marketing is the best option for most of them as well. So,

Why I Think Internet Marketing is the Best Option for People with Epilepsy

I had my first home-based business my senior year of college.  Before I realized the discrimination I would face in the marketplace towards people with epilepsy I had a home based business to help me earn money while I was in college. After realizing that I would be facing discrimination in the workplace towards people with epilepsy I realized that having a home-based business was going to be a necessity.

When I started weighing my options I saw that having a home based business that required the least amount of capital and overhead was network marketing or Internet Marketing. My next deduction was which required the least amount of mental and physical capital. That led me too the realization that Internet marketing required the least amount of mental and physical capital.

The reason that I was so concerned about the mental and physical capital is because stress and lack of sleep when combined caused most of my seizures. And although I love network marketing, I did not have the  energy I needed to give them 100% of my efforts and I felt I was doing them a disservice by not being able to do so.

Internet Marketing is Ground Zero

From my experience the learning curve must start here for people getting started on their journey to learn how to make money on the Internet.  Some people will go faster than others for many different reasons but there needs to be a starting point for all of us.

Everything else, starting with affiliate marketing, E-commerce, drop shipping, solo e-preneuer, web-based consulting, or any Internet Commerce based systems derives it’s logic from it.

You don’t need to learn how to write code or program computers but what you do need is a good learning platform to teach you the basics and layout a path you can follow and that if you follow will put you in the best position possible for success.

Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Training

You’ve come this far and you’ve decided that you want to take a quick look at what Internet and affiliate marketing is all about. So if you do go to the Internet and you type in “what is Internet marketing” or “what is affiliate marketing” you are going to be amazed at the amount of information it is available on the subject.

Within the Internet space you will find hundreds upon hundreds of Internet experts telling you how to make money on it.  Some of the people on the Internet are valid and accomplished experts and some of the people you will find on the internet are true posers who may honestly want to be teachers and leaders but just aren’t there yet.

All them, the legitimate ones, will teach some basic tenants.

Those basic tenants can be learned on a membership site called Wealthy Affiliate . It was started in 2005 and has grown to be the largest affiliate marketing teaching platform on the Internet. You can start for free then upgrade if you prefer to get a few more membership options, which is how all membership sites work, but as a free member you can learn the basics.

I was a member in 2010 when I was still in Network Marketing and needed to learn the basics of IM and from what I learned in 2010 I was able to utilize after my Network Marketing company failed to earn income on the Internet in the years following. Now I have rejoined Wealthy Affiliate to continue my education and to also promote the program to individuals who have not yet have been exposed to Internet or Affiliate marketing.

Since 2010 I have been a member of multiple training programs and have listened to even more legitimate, and not so legitimate, Internet trainers. And as I said before they all follow the same basic tenants.

Success on the Internet is like success with a diet.  Find one that works and stick with it. “Like a postage stamp”.  There are multiple ways to be successful on the Internet you just need to find the one that you will stick with. If it’s blogging be consistent with blogging and learn how to capitalize on your blog. If its email marketing, learn how to be successful with email marketing but just be consistent with it. If it’s Facebook, go with Facebook just be consistent with posting on Facebook. So, whatever you learn, be consistent with it until you’re making money with it then branch off and do the next thing.

You also need a good amount, and I mean a really large good amount, of patience, tenacity, and perseverance.  All of which you can develop over time.  AND and most important – a burning desire to achieve a goal.

To You success!

Always remember:

Epilepsy is what you have, not what you are. You are not an epileptic. You are a person with Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a part of your life.  It is not your whole life.  You are not different from other people in any major way except for the brief time you’re having a seizure. Other people may expect that having epilepsy makes you different but that’s their mistake.  Given the chance you can probably live, work and function in the world just as well as anyone else.   All that being said you still must deal with what you have.

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